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July 18, 2013
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  Jack sat silently on the ledge of a building in town. A light breeze slipped under his mask and tickled his face lightly. He smiled to himself at all the commotion of the city streets below stirred into a soft buzz in the distance. The wind carried a soft smell of baking bread which brought forth a low rumble from Jack's stomach. He slid a hand up to rub his stomach as he stood.

  "Better eat soon or else I'll starve.." He muttered to himself.

  He strode over to the roof exit and swung open the door. He peddled down the many flights of stairs. It wasn't a big deal to Jack but most would have been bitching and complaining. He never had a problem with such small, meaningless things such as the amount of stairs he had to walk down, or the temperature outside. Things were as they were and he couldn't do anything to change that. Although he did find the walk a bit straining on his legs after a while. He made sure not to trip on the crooked step nearing the bottom as he stepped onto the ground.

  Jack stared around the city. The streets seamed to clear in just that small amount of time it took him to climb down. He studied the shadows of a few alleys before darting out of the building. The moon shone on him and light the sidewalk as he went towards his house. He knew the way by heart without even looking up. He just knew by instinct where to go. It wasn't hard to find his way around the city. He roamed them so much at night, it would only seem smart to know where you were at all times. He glanced up at the street sign hanging above his head.

  "Court St.." He mumbled ad directed his hollow eyes to the road and where it led.

  At the end was a small café. So innocent and small, it was perfect. He took the opportunity to pick up normal human food, although it wouldn't fight the hunger for harvesting organs, he could wait. he didn't have time to hunt down a human for their organs. He had to get home before Jeff trashed the house any more than it already was. he entered the shop and ordered a coffee and a small pastry to go. The wait was fairly short and within minutes he was out of the stuffy café. The coffee was war against his hand as he walked towards his small home atop a hill. The house was the classic horror house from the movies. Old, spooky, paint pealing, and to top it all off, a few grave stones marked the front yard. Some cracked and chipped from age while others were newer and in better condition. A rusty fence lined the edge of the property and the tips of each metal post was sharp as a blade.


  Jack approached said fence and opened the gate. An ear-piercing squeak rang out, Jack of course didn't even noticed. He strolled up the cracked sidewalk leading to the front door. As he approached the door he heard the TV blaring inside. It was obvious Jeff was watching his favorite comedy show. The corny and distasteful jokes could be heard from the other side of the door followed by Jeff's roaring laughter. Jack smiled to himself and shook his head. He entered the house to see Jeff sitting on the edge of the couch, clutching the remote in hand. His eyes wide with amusement and his cut grin even larger than normal. Jeff's eyes never left the screen of the TV as jack entered the house.

  "I see Sarah's True Story is on hm?" Jack asked suddenly making Jeff look at him.

  "Of course! There's nothing better than this show!" Jeff replied, not even looking Jack's way. Jack rolled his head slightly in substitute of rolling his eyes since, he didn't have any eyes. But now was one of those times he wished he did.

  "That's not necessarily true, I mean, there is tones of great programs on TV!" Jack replied and plopped down on the couch beside Jeff. He set the empty food bag on the coffee table Jeff was using as a foot rest. Jack chose to ignore it for now and directed his attention to the TV. Jeff calmed down after a while and looked pretty relaxed. Jack stole a few quick glances when he wasn't looking. His quick glances developed into stares, and pretty soon he was gawking at Jeff like some horny teenager. Jack caught himself in the act. He mentally scolded himself for it. What was he even doing staring at Jeff? He didn't know but he tried his hardest to pretend it didn't even happen.

  By the time the show was over, Jeff was passed out. His mouth hung open slightly as light snores escaped his lips. His black hair was tossed about from shifting in his sleep. Jack sighed and stood. He leaned down, sliding his mask up, and placed a soft kiss to Jeff's forehead. Once he slid his mask back on he picked Jeff up to carry him to his room. He held Jeff bridal style in his arms and walked towards the stairs. Jeff wrapped his white arms around his neck and nuzzled his jaw. Jack's face began to heat up at the sudden move. His body locked uncomfortably and his knees fell weak. He struggled to keep his composure, which in this circumstance was difficult.

  Jack let out a shaky breath as he fumbled up the stairs. He nudged Jeff's bedroom door open with his foot and placed Jeff on his bed inside. It took quite an effort to release Jeff's death grip on Jack's neck. Jack tried to claw his arms off, that didn't work. He then tried to wake Jeff by smacking his cheek, not even that got him off, it didn't even faze him. Jack sighed and tilted his head down to slide his head out. This time his head popped free. He sighed again and picked up his mask that was pulled off in the process.

  Jack silently cursed Jeff's clinginess and walked out of his room. He went to his room hopping to preoccupy himself with something. He sat on his bed and decided to roam the internet to subdue his boredom. It worked, well for about thirty minutes until his battery died in his laptop.

  "Gah! Come on!" He groaned.

  The only thing left to do now was to either watch TV or try to sleep. Only one of those he was actually capable of doing so he switched on the TV in his room. The dim light of the screen filled the room and casted dark shadows across his walls. The only things on to watch were information commercials or kid's programs. It wasn't fair the lack of good shows at 12 at night. But what was Jack to do about it? There really wasn't anything he could do.

  "I hate not being able to sleep!" He growled in frustration. He sighed and laid back on his bed. He slid his mask off and hung it on the bed post. He rubbed his empty eye sockets and yawned to his own surprise. He suddenly felt drowsiness creep over him and he slowly fell asleep.

    -Jack's dream-

 "Jack!" A familiar voice called out to Jack in the distance of a forest clearing. It was Jeff. His black hair danced in the light breeze as he ran towards Jack with open arms and a wide smile. He finally made it to Jack and his arms wrapped around him. The gesture was so innocent, yet it set Jack heart on fire and twisted his stomach into a tight knot. Jack returned the tight hug and chuckled.

  After a few moments of the hug Jeff peered up at Jack. His eyes held compassion and a glint of want. Jack didn't understand the glance, he had never been looked upon with so much love and admiration before. It felt nice.

  "Jack..." Jeff said softly. Jack looked at him with his full attention.

  "Yes Jeff?" Jack replied.

  "I....I-I love you..." Jeff said suddenly and he hid his face behind locks of black hair.

  Jack's heart lurched inside his chest at the words that just spilled from Jeff's lips. Could this be true? Or was Jeff just playing a cruel trick on him? he didn't want the last statements to be true but there was the lingering doubt.

    Jack was too lost in thought to notice Jeff moving his puckered lips closer to him. He looked down and his eyes widen slightly but he was more than whiling to return the kiss. Jack puckered his lips as he lifted his mask and leaned forward.

  He felt Jeff's warm breath against his skin as their lips came closer. Their lips were almost touching when Jack was ripped from his dream.


  Jack awoke in his bed feeling a bit dazed. He sat up and held a hand to his head to steady his raging thoughts. He slept a bit longer than expected because the sun had risen high in the sky and shone brightly through his window. Jack gave out a loud groan as he tossed back the covers. He grabbed his mask and slid it over his face. He exited his room to hear the TV blaring once more from the living room. He stole a glance down the stairs to see Jeff sitting on the couch with a bowl of cereal watching morning cartoons. Jeff was so fixated with the TV he didn't notice Jack slug into the room. Jack swiped the remote from the cushion beside Jeff and switched the mind-numbing cartoons over to the news.

  "HEY! I was watching tha- oh...Jack, u-um hi.." Jeff stopped himself to greet Jack very hesitantly. Jack quirked a brow behind his mask and sat next to Jeff on the couch.

  "Hey, mornin'" Jack replied to him. He had a bad feeling about the way Jeff was acting, a very bad feeling.

  "Heh, yeah morning to you too..." Jeff replied and twirled his spoon around in the soggy bowl of cereal.

  A few moments of awkward silence passed between the two before Jack decided it was best to avert the situation. He stood and put on his dark hoodie lying beside the door.

  "I'm going out for a while, bye Jeff.." He said hoping to get a positive reaction from Jeff.

  Instead he was answered in silence as he left the house. His heart sank and he knew something was very wrong in the air between them. He was determined to find out what was making Jeff act this way weather or not he liked the outcome...he couldn't take going through the awkward silence not even one more time...

I didn't proof read this so if there are any mistakes please excuse them! D:
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