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August 2, 2013
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  Jack exited the house shortly after the incident with Jeff. He was confused on many more levels than just one. Jeff was acting so strangly, so odd. He barely even spoke to Jack, let alone spare a glance his way. It wasn't right. Something had to have been terribly wrong. But what was it? Jack sighed to himself and stuffed his hands in his pockets as he walked down the sidewalk. It was rather chilly outside today. Heavy clouds hung overhead threatening the town with rain. It wasn't very uplifting to Jack. He would have rather prefered a bright smiling sun to greet him over dark clouds. The wind managed to creep under his mask again and sting his cheeks. It hurt only slightly. He took a long sighing breath causing a light puff of smoky air to spred out. He groaned and rubbed his shivering frame -maybe it wasn't such a good idea to come out here.

  It was too late to return to his warm home though. He didn't want to risk it with Jeff. He couldn't take another moment like the one they shared that morning. He loved Jeff fare too much too see him act this way. It broke his heart. He would just have to make it in the cold. It wasn't all that bad. It jus seemed al the more worse to Jack conciderng his mind was being fried from all the raging thoughts. He decided he needed to clear his mind, the thoughts were eating him alive.

  Jack looked around the abandoned streets sighing to himself. His mask managed to warm his face and his jacket sheilded him from the cold which made it easier for him to take his time walking around to find a place to preocupy his time in. He scanned a few abandoned buildings. They looked old and eerie. A howl of wind brushed Jack's ears spiking his curriosity. He entered a specific building with crumbling ceilings and red paint peeling outside. The interrior of the place was rotten and dingy. The air was thick with mold and dust -luckily Jack had a mask on. He walked around studying the place before he got a strange chill. Not one the cold could bring, but one of a sense of danger.

  Jack swung his head around to see an antique TV set flickering to life. Dim light from static filled the building causing an uncomfortable sense of danger. He watched the thing flicker before a rumble rang out from deep within the machine. Jack watched with pure shock as a hand slowly glided out of the dusty screen. It was pale and seemed to be reaching out to Jack when another arm reached out. He was taken back a bit and stumbled to his ass when a head of ruffled blonde hair slowly came through. It wore a green hat and its eyes were pitch black, almost like Jack's own eyes. The only difference were bloody red pupils staring right at Jack. He felt his heart stop when the being slowly slid out of the TV and toppled into the ground at Jack's feet.

  "Fuck!" It hissed as it wacked its jaw on the ground. Jack distinguished this thing to actually be a person, well, give or take at least.

  "W-Who are you!?" Jack yelled at him.

  The unknown guy shifted his eyes up and grinned widely -looking rather goofy- and snickered, "Name's BEN...the rest is for me to know, and you to probably never find out man~" He spoke rather calmly. He seemed high, but Jack wouldn't judge him from only a few words.

  Jack stood and wiped off the dirt from himself, "H-Hello....My name's Jack."

  "Cool man~" BEN said and snickered.

  Jack rolled his eyes at BEN, well again was forced to roll his head in substitute, "Yeah, well it was rather nice meeting you and all but I gotta get home, Jeff cant function on his own for very long..." Jack said the last part in a mumble but couldn't help see BEN's face light up with recognition.

  "JEFF!?!" He said grinning widely.


   "Ah, man, Jeff's like my best bro!" BEN exclaimed to him.

  Jack couldn't help feel a strange emotion of jealousy and hurt ring through him. How come Jeff never told him about this BEN. Jack always figured they were close, close enough to tell whom they were and weren't 'Best bros' with! Jack seemed to fume with the anger.

  " ok? You're all quiet n' shit!" BEN said breaking Jack from his thoughts.

  "I gotta go..." He mumbled and left the building.

  "See ya' round bro~" BEN called out and disappeared into the TV again.

  Jack growled to himself as he entered his home. Jeff wasn't in sight and to Jack it was ok this time. He couldn't look at Jeff right now with how angry he was. He slid off his jacket in a grumbling mess of anger. He tossed the bundle of cloth into the floor and trudged into the kitchen. His mind shouted thoughts at him like crazy.

  'How did BEN even know Jeff?!?'

  'Why wouldn't Jeff even mention BEN to me!!!!'

 'Damn we're out of milk...'

  All Jack's thoughts were mixed and scrambled until he heard Jeff stroll in. Jack didn't bother turning to greet him as he buttered some bread for a sandwich.  Jack wouldn't say one word to Jeff. He really had nothing positive to say and as the saying goes, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

  Jeff slowly approached Jack and stood beside him. He watched Jack prepare his food with an odd amusement in his eyes. Jack sighed and turned to face him. Jeff peered up at Jack and smiled softly.

  "I gotta tell ya Jacky, I was afraid you'd never come home~" He said softly and Jack felt his face heat up under his mask. Jeff hadn't called Jack by his pet name in forever! Jack set down the jam and turned back to find Jeff even closer than before.

  "Knowing you, I know you can't function on your own," Jack replied still blushing.

  Instead of pouting -which Jeff did a lot when Jack joked on him- he chuckled. The sweet sound of Jeff's laughter was like music to Jack's ears causing a small smile to form under the mask.

  Jeff smiled and wrapped his arms around Jack and held him close. Jack had no idea what had gotten into him. He was acting so strange today, from not speaking to Jack at all, then hugging him. Jack wasn't complaining in the leas though. He rather enjoyed Jeff's warmth. Jack wrapped his arms around Jeff in return as Jeff tilted his head up and stared into Jack's hollow eyes. His gashed smile even larger and genuine than normal.

  "Jeff....what're you doing?" Jack asked with a small smile.

  "Huggin you~" Jeff said.


  "I missed you!"

  Jack froze and looked down at Jeff's smiling face. He slowly reached up and slid his mask off revealing his face. His dark skin shone in the light of the kitchen and perfectly sculpted lips matched with soft lips was the reason Jeff loved to see Jack's face. Jeff's smile never fell.

  "I made you a sandwich.." Jack said. This made Jeff let go instantly. Even the mentioning of food made Jeff loose all interest in whatever he was doing and search for the food. Jack sighed. One half of him was glad the tenuous moment was over, while another wished to hold Jeff in his arms again.

  Jeff took a plate with his favorite sandwich on it and a soda from the fridge. He scooted into the living room swiftly and Jack's eyes were trained on a certain area he would probably be slapped for. Jack blushed again as he caught himself staring at Jeff's ass and took his food and drink and followed Jeff into the living room.

  The two sat on opposite ends of the couch -even though they were closer than usual. Jack smiled to himself and took a sip of his soda. Jeff turned on the TV to his favorite show. Jack didn't protest, he figured Jeff could have his way tonight. Jeff watched the show in amusement.

  As the show progressed Jack couldn't fight the memory of meeting Jeff's said 'Best bro' today. The idea of Jeff not telling him this bothered him in an odd way. It struck a bad nerve within him he honestly hated. He hated the emotions that rose up when he thought of BEN. Jack couldn't take not knowing who this guy was, so he asked Jeff.

  "Jeff...?' jack said suddenly.

  Jeff turned his head and sipped on his soda, "Yeah?"

  Jack sighed as his heart raced, "W-Who in BEN?" He choked out.

  Jeff froze. His eyes widened and he began violently coughing from choking on his soda. He cleared his throat not looking at Jack. He rung his hands nervously.

  "N-No one...' He muttered

  'This can't be good...' Jack thought and let the conversation end there.

  Jeff let out a soft yawn, "I'm going to bed.." He muttered and left. he raced up the stairs, he even left his half eaten sandwich on the coffee table along with a crushed cola can.

  Jack sighed, "What the hell did I do...?" He muttered to himself. 

So heres PT 2~
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SketchNote598 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
I sense a disturbance in the force. BEN is going to cause trouble, isn't he? *sigh*
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shiat... BEN iiss someone.... uh oh things gonna happen
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ahah thank you!! im so glad you enjoy it!!
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Milk is a good thing to worry about when you're a proxy :nod:
Apple--Cider Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014  Student General Artist
1) asgfejnendnd GAMZEE. 2) In the first chapter, Jeff fell asleep...?
haterz-gonna-hate Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
1) hehe 2) no he was just outta the picture at the time
CreepyPastaIsMyLife2 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
 "Damn we're out of milk.." XD Awkward moment when u realize that ur out of milk o-o not really but still...
LitleSlend Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
laughed so hard ''DAMN WE'RE OUT OF MILK'' :dd
LitleSlend Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just simply love this ♥//////♥
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